Comfort and design Headphones need to be comfortable for long use, and it seems Turtle Beach has got this covered in the Ear Force Z Only during a few music tracks do higher frequencies lose some composure and sound a tad harsh. It’s not enough of a problem to have you forking out the extra cash for the Creative cans though, and you won’t have to put up with a mediocre hidden microphone either. You can even adjust the volume of your microphone monitor, chat and game with this small, yet powerful amplifier. On the left ear cup there is an adjustable microphone boom that can rotate 90 degrees, which would remove the microphone from sight. You just need to connect it with a cable, and you’re good to go.

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What intrigued us the most about the Z22 turtle beach ear force z22 the Advanced Inline Amplifier that is included. Given that gamers can spend hours and hours on their rigs, this is important. You can even adjust the volume of your microphone monitor, chat fprce game with this small, yet powerful amplifier.

They’re very good at reproducing everything from explosions to speech.

How it works In addition to the headphones you also get a USB pack in the box for supplying power and also acting as a soundcard. Turtle Beach is so consistent at turtle beach ear force z22 phenomenal sounding headsets fforce they’re practically running away from the competition. As well as the volume and tone control, the amp tweaks the mic’s gain and enables the added bonus of Dynamic Chat Boost to enhance your in-game team talk, ensuring you can still be heard when all hell breaks loose on the battlefront.

This is brilliant, because it gives control over the output to hardware, rather than needing a software control to adjust sound settings, thus giving easier sound control in games.


The price is very reasonable indeed, and we’ve heard headphones that cost more but don’t sound anywhere near as nice. Sound quality was great no turtle beach ear force z22 what we did, but with the addition of bass and treble controls on the USB breakout box we could adjust good sound to even more suit our personal taste.

Still, at least Turtle Beach hasn’t done a Creative and lost sight of comfort. Which should you choose?

Turtle Beach Earforce Z22 & Z60 Amplified PC Gaming Headset Review | Technology X

Considering how expensive headphones can be, this Turtle Beach package is remarkable. Inside the the box we will find the Z22 headset along with the inline amplifier, a 3. The headband padding is just as comfy, and the microphone is flexible enough to bend wherever you want it.

They seem to grip the head just enough, their weight is perfect and they just stay put. There’s a slight whiff of Walkman here, but it all works well enough. We’ve done tests recording our voice and we even used it to record voice-overs for some videos, and the quality is also superb. The overall comfort and feel of the Turtle Beach Z22 is incredibly shocking. Super-light, super-comfortable and with super sound quality, there’s pretty much nothing not to like about the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Gaming and movie effects retain similar clarity, bass response and overall punch.

Alternatively you can bypass the amp and plug straight in to your Turtle beach ear force z22, media player or phone – but then you’ll miss out on some killer features. Although build quality seems fine, the plastic hinges don’t feel like they’d survive being thrown at the screen in anger when you’ve been fragged for the umpteenth time by that son-of-a-toad sniper who refuses to fight like a man.


turtle beach ear force z22

The sound you turtle beach ear force z22 is precise, clear and full. They’re made of solid materials that feel like they’ll last a decent amount of time. The foam inside the headset is actually memory foam, turtle beach ear force z22 the ear cups will create a noise barrier.

Also impressive is the quality of the microphone. By the time you’re x22 this there’ll probably be even more, so it’s hardly surprising that the ‘new’ Ear Force Z22 is a dead ringer for the existing PX This is to allows for the ear cups to easily adapt to the size and shape of your bexch.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z22 review

And that’s the other great feature – you can hook up a smartphone to the Z22 and use it for music playback, or even to make calls. First and foremost if you are a PC gamer then turtle beach ear force z22 headphones will be ideal for you as there’s a lot of helpful features on board.

But we’ve been using the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z22 for a while now, and we have to say, we think there’s a lot more to these headphones than just the gaming angle. For Comfy for long periods Adjustable mic In-line amplifier Good mic quality. We’ve been wearing these cans all day, on a regular basis, and we’re blown away by the level of comfort. Review Turtle beach ear force z22 Product Build.