If it reports memory OK, that still doesn’t rule out a very pesty memory chip that has intermittent issues. I assume you noticed the problem immediately after upgrading the driver without changing anything else, correct? How will this affect my optical drives? I jumped from 8. The message is always the same except for one I got yesterday that’s described at the end of this post.

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I have referred to many sources including this; http: I am interested in finding out if others are seeing the same behavior wlth I am.

Do I really need Intel Matrix Storage Manager (or is it RST now)?

The blue screen doesn’t last long enough to read. These go in the initrd. You might want to check your Windows application log. I’ll try this if there are more blue screen events. A msg rolls across the screen startup so fast I had to use my tablet to capture it: This can be examined through Computer Sllve.

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You can also create a new RAID volume using the newly added hard drives. Thanks, Hope it helps.

Do I really need Intel Matrix Storage Manager (or is it RST now)? – [Solved] – Storage

I was running the “stock” Win7 Intel drivers for my board, and didn’t have the delay problem using a RAID 10 — but then after installing 8. Click to expand that, and you would see a drive controller description with the word RAID in it.

This problem does not exist for Windows 8 or Windows 8. Just saw the Intel bug report on this today.

Issues with Windows Vista* and IntelĀ® RAID

I also updated my Graphics driver. Go to original post. This is the controller mode that was designed to go hand in hand with the SATA standard. Ask a new question.

I can’t find out what version it is. This must apply to me: If none of the controllers above are shown, then your system is not in AHCI mode.

I downloaded Intel Matrix Storage Manager version 8. First of all your notebook needs to have Intel hardware processor and chipset to run the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Message 1 of 8.

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See Peter’UK’s thread at http: That is why I started a new thread. Where would I find them. Solv so often the same thing will happen only for 60 seconds and with no raid.

Fri Feb 03, 9: So I guess my question is two part: Files that help describe the problem: Award Software International, Inc. If so, are you aware of a fix? Falling back to previous driver rev was about the only thing I did not try. The only reason to use fakeraid omsm that you need to share the raid set with another operating system that does not understand mdadm raid sets.