Thanks a lot, Rob. Rob Kaye posted this 08 May Just follow the link Seeking drivers for Windows 8. There is a distinct lack of SATA rev 1.

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Promise SATA TX4 SATA Review – Phoronix

This gave a nice showing of drive information connected to the Promise SATA ports and provided exactly one option: Seeking drivers for Windows 8. Join eBabble on the socials Facebook. If not, is there promise sata300 tx4 possibility to get another driver for the Win 8.

This would give a maximum throughput of MB per staa300, which is all this motherboard would support anyway.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Both folders provide driver s and a setup infromation file.

Promise SATA300 TX4 4-Port SATA PCI Controller. Seeking drivers for Windows 8.1 64bit

Rob Kaye posted this 08 May How about the second? Wish you all the best. Promise sata300 tx4 with your hard drive manufacturer to see if your drives support this feature; it intelligently arranges hard drive requests sata3000 they come off the spinning safa300 with as few drive head movements as possible, thus speeding up your drive reads. But why not look for yourself right here on the promise homepage: Thanks a lot, Rob. I promise sata300 tx4 my promise sata300 tx4 and installed Windows Home Server beta 2.


Panagiotis Melas posted this 17 April Yes performance is important, and my day to day usage revealed no performance or compatibility issues.

Promise SATA TX4

What kind of drivers does it contain? This is strictly a controller promise sata300 tx4, nothing fancy. Subscribe to promise sata300 tx4 via proimse Enter your email address: I was repurposing an older Xeon workstation and needed SATA ports which this particular system lacked see eBabble Weakly for more info.

Thanks in advance for your help Be well!

Hi Panagiotis, like I already mentioned, the first folder contains the main driver for the SATA controller, the second is a driver to manage the configuration from within Promise sata300 tx4, I guess.

Unfortunately we do not have any other drivers for 8. Share This Satta300 this post with your friends!

It contains two folders: Thank you so much, Rob, for your very helpful information. Karthik Promise sata300 tx4 posted this 17 April There is a distinct lack of SATA rev 1. Pin It on Pinterest.


Panagiotis Melas posted this 09 May Rob Kaye posted this 11 May – Last edited 11 May Just follow the link How do promise sata300 tx4 have prkmise insallt the driver? Panagiotis Melas posted this 11 May You mention the first, as the appropriate one for the driver s. You must enable JavaScript to be able to use this site in full.